Individual orders

We offer leather wrapping of steering wheels for individual customers, car shops, oldtimers enthusiasts etc. Steering wheels are wrapped ( recovered) with a new genuine leather stripe.

You can select from three main types of leather and many thread colours.

1) Smooth leather

hladka-1 hladka-2

2) Combination of smooth and perforated (dimple) leather

hladka-perforovana-1 hladka-perforovana-2

3) Perforated (dimple) leather

celoperforovana-1 celoperforovana-2

Steering wheels must be removed from your car and without airbags. If required, we can arrange the removal and reinstallation in the nearby car shop where you can leave the car until the recovering is finished. It is possible to ship your steering wheel by postal service. We also wrap other parts, i.e. gear levers and other small parts.

na-miru radici

Notice: You must contact us in advance  to discuss your demands and terms


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